How Do I Buy Art?

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Here's a question I get asked quite a lot - How Do I Buy Art? It's a really good question and one that can be very easy to answer, with a little thought. When chosing art it is a good idea to ask a few more questions:

The following questions will help you answer this one:

Why am I buying the Art? to decorate, for a gift, because you like......

Who is it for - you or someone else?

Is it for a gift? In that case, it is a good idea to choose a piece that will please the person you are giving it to, rather than what you like.

How much can I spend? It's always worth deciding on a budget and sticking to it, as this will help focus the choice.

Where will it go?  do you have a specific room or place you would like a painting, print or poster for?

How long do you want to keep the art for?  If you're buying for yourself, it is also worth deciding how long you'd like to keep the art for.

Are you decorating and want some art to decorate to your current tastes and decor design? If this is the case, then an art print, poster or a set of them is a good choice, as they are inexpensive and can be easily changed when you want.

However,  if you are wanting to buy an artwork to keep for a longer length of time, then an original is a good choice and can justify a larger budget.

When you're buying for yourself, the bast way to choose art is to buy something you really like, that way you will always enjoy it!





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