Just Launched! The Space Art Collection - Prints, Posters, Clothing & Accessories!

Posted by Johnny Lord on

The launch has begun!

We've added the first drop of the Johnnyinthe56 space art merch to the website, it's ready and waiting for you to buy, so come and take a look!

The exclusive Space Art Collection by Johnnyinthe56 (it is not available anywhere else) includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tote bags, mugs, prints and posters of the space art pieces by Johnnyinthe56.

All of the clothing in this collection is eco-friendly and produced with organic and recycled materials.

The first drop is based on a piece of art called Astronaut portrait by Johnnyinthe56., with more coming in the next few weeks....

Thanks for looking & have a great weekend!



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