More New Original Art Pieces Added...

Posted by Johnny Lord on

This week we've been really busy. I'm still working on the Leeds United murals and you can follow the progress of that on the Johnnyinthe56artist Instagram feed.

We've also started creating a collection, which features: mugs, eco-friendly organic T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and hoodies, all featuring my art. Along with this you can also there are prints of my original artworks in small, medium and big poster sizes. This current collection contains several of the space art pieces I have done and I'll let you know when it goes live on the Johnnyinthe56 website.

We've also added several new original artworks this week, including:

Pulp Fiction Crime Novel book cover inspired fan art.

Lapham inspired comic book inspired fan art.

Mount Fuji Landscape Art T-Shirt. Size S - 2XL and multiple colours available.

Gun Crime Story Original Graphic Novel Painting.

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