New Paintings In Store This Week!

Posted by Johnny Lord on

It's a work in progress, but, I'm tying add some paintings to the store each week...

Also, you can view all my work on instagram my handle is: johnnyinthe56

You'll see all the pieces as final finished paintings and as works in progress, so you can see how it's all created!

If you see a piece you're interested in, please DM or email me, via the website, as it's all available to buy!


It's mostly about film art this week, with more pieces inspired by The Grifters, Billy Liar and the Coen brothers film - Blood Simple.

There's also a great abstract art piece and some more pulp fiction novel cover art.

To complete the eclectic mix I've also added a Billy Bremner (Leeds United and Scotland footballer) portrait and an astronaut portrait.

Have a great weekend!



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