Our Simple 6 Step Guide To Rock Christmas!

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Ok, so right now we're weeks away from Christmas and we're looking at it and telling ourselves that we've got loads of time and it'll be fine, so lets just leave it for a little while!


'I'll do it later' is the fastest way for it all to go horribley wrong!

So eye on the prize: Christmas feast, feet up with a drink in hand with happy family & friends near and far.

You will need gifts -  no, a box of Dairy Milk and a bunch of wilted flowers from the 24 hour garage does not rock Christmas.

You need thoughtful, meaningful gifts - don't panic - we've got your back!

So here's our super-easy 6-step plan to rock Christmas:

1. Just make a quick list of people you need gifts for, double-check it with someone you trust.

2. Make a budget - how much can you spend on each person?

3. For each person on your list, take a moment to think about things THEY like: films, music, food, walking in nature, travel, sport etc.. try to be quite specific and write a 2-3 of these for each one.

4. Visit Johnnyinthe56 and select a section that matches the ideas for the first person on your list, choose an interesting and thoughtful gift and add it to the basket. Repeat this step for each person and when you get to the bottom of your list, checkout your shopping basket.

5. Buy wrapping paper, gift labels & tape. When your order arrives wrap & label the thoughtful gifts. Buy a big box of chocolates to share & a bunch of flowers and/or a bottle of wine for whoever cooks your Christmas lunch.

6. Christmas Day - Hand out thoughtful gifts, chocs, wine & flowers. Eat feast, drink in hand, happy family & friends near and far - Rock Christmas!




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