The Johnnyinthe56 art website is finally open!

Posted by Johnny Lord on

So, after talking and thinking about making a website for at least two years, it's finally happened!

We've started adding products and there is a limited (but fast growing) range...

You can view and buy my original art pieces.

You can contact me to talk about anything art related that I can help you with.

I do commissions, and I need to feel that I can do the project justice, so it takes a few conversations to get it right!

Most of my art can be printed onto t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs, cushions and more. I also produce prints in different sizes, so these are great gifts and won't brake the bank.

This week we've added a range of art, prints, hoodies and t-shirts etc inspired by the films of the legendary Japanese film director: Akira Kurosawa, including my personal favourite: The Seven Samurai.

Along with is we have also added an artwork called 'The Watchers & The Watched' which is a two-piece, ink and paint on paper design which depicts a pair of Japanese Sumo Wrestlers and their audience on colour block backgrounds.

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